Glutton for Pun #190 by Erik Agard


Wanna have a good time? Solve the puzzle, then keep reading.
Two themed puzzles in a row! This one’s in MINT condition. It contains six permutations of the letters in the word MINT, located at different positions in the theme phrases:


The revealer in the SW corner, clued as [52. With 62-Across, cut loose on the dance floor], is SHAKE YOUR MONEY MAKER.

I adore this. I didn’t figure out the theme for a while, mostly because the PUZ file does not have the circles in the MINT locations like the PDF does, but it was quite enjoyable when it clicked. As I mentioned, Erik shakes his money maker in six different scramblings, at different locations in the themers. The phrases are all solid, although PRINT MEDIA and LATIN MASS took me a little longer. I especially like the cluing for OVEN MITT, [Child safety apparatus?]. Reminds me of watching Julia Child and Lidia Bastianich and other cooking shows with my mom-mom when I was little. 

Other musings: My other favorite clue is [Line under a picture of a shirtless guy holding a dead fish, perhaps] for TINDER BIO. I appreciate the love for the ever-confusing OKAPI, which looks like the product of an interesting night between a zebra and a giraffe. 

Also, love the musical NW corner with Erykah BADULAURYN Hill, and TRAP. Nearby is DAP [Subject of the LaMont Hamilton photography series “Five on the Black Hand Side”], the gesture which originated between black soldiers in the Vietnam War. The photo series in the clue, with information from the photographer, is here:

That’s all for this week. Next week might be a bit delayed, as I’ll be putting my brains and 0.7 leads to the test at ACPT in Stamford! Hope you see some of you there. (I’ll be the one you could ask 48-Across to, although the answer will be “no.”) Until next time!

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  1. e.a. said:

    the puz file definitely should have had circles! my bad, probably.

    also i love the green text and the small worldiness.

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