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  1. Thanks to Erik for the megaupload. Especially great to have the printed versions, especially because of #82. A comment from me on each:

    #78 – FANTASY SUITE was my seed for this one (also 1A). Of all the nonsensical ridiculous things in this world, this may be the most.
    #79 – Five Course Trivia makes it to Chris Words! Very proud of the five theme entries plus the revealer, PLUS all the extra foods throughout the grid. I watched Ratatouille again in the last month, and sweetbread is the dish Linguini gets good at before the critic comes back to review the restaurant. I wish Pixar would have spelled out what sweetbread is to the nine-year olds.
    #80 – I’ve secretly been working on a foreign language crossword alliterative cluing dictionary, so that if you have a Spanish word (or different language), you can use “, in Argentina” to “, to Zapata”. Greek and Latin are tricky, and after much deliberation, I’m very happy with “Homer’s Hs”. I figured the only accessible Greek language thing COULD be the letters, so this was fine. “Crowned figure”, ehhh, I wish I could have done better, but I’m still happy about the mechanism and pattern. AND I put Portal into the Ginsberg database, boom.
    #81 – A pure Shakespeare theme and still timely. The only mechanical who doesn’t make the puzzle is Starveling, and that wasn’t going to happen for various reasons. Also, I now see how many of my clues rhyme. “Hulu booboo” is still great.
    #82 – If you have Netflix, you should watch the show. I’m glad I was able to make a nice ST puzzle, with the Upside Down in full swing. Thanks to Coach Pop for having the perfect name to hide Hopper’s name. Also, well done Erik on picking up both subtle entries. Layers, man.

    Hope your day is going well, everyone!


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