Glutton for Pun #206 by Erik Agard


Clicks, not cliques.


Here’s a 14×17 themeless for your solving pleasure. Right off the bat, I’m claiming credit for 3D, as I tweeted the comment below just last night during a discussion about Enbrel. Actually, the discussion was more about Enbrel’s manufacturer, but that’s related to a different puzzle that gets enough discussion elsewhere. We spread the indie love here, thank you very much. Anyway, I have no idea whether this puzzle came into being before or after my comment, but I can fantasize about being a crossword muse, can’t I?



Anyway, as usual, the long entries are lively and lovely. DON’T GET CUTE is great. COCONUT CUSTARD is among my favorite types of pie, definitely. The best part of this puzzle, though, is the clue [Ana log?] for FIFTY SHADES OF GREY. It packs some amazing wordplay into six little letters. I’m in awe of those who can write short and sweet clues like that. In the same vein, [Move up to #1] for EXECUTIVE DECISION is also brilliant.

It took me a while to see [Drsv ntrjctn] (Derisive interjection) as a vowelless clue for PFFT. Also, new to me are RETROCEDE, WOE IS I, RESEDA, and GRINDCORE. If you’re curious about “You Suffer,” here’s a video with lyrics! (The actual song is less than two seconds.)

That’s all I have for today. I’m afraid my posts will probably get shorter and shorter as I get closer to my due date and my daughter gets more clingy as a result. At least I managed to visit Evan Birnholz very briefly today to present him with “Thanks for the wonderful writeup!” wine. 😊

For those who are celebrating the end of Ramadan, Eid Mubarak! For everyone, until next time!

  1. Lena Webb said:

    Oh gosh “Napalm Death” reminds me of a delirious clue I wrote for NAPALM in my and Peter’s Indie 500 puzzle: [Nobody’s ready for this jelly]. I just sent it to him as part of a brain dump but he totally put it in the puzzle that was sent for testing!! I mean it’s super true, and it’s what popped into my head after reading a lot about napalm– just really horrible stuff– some of the worst– but, obvs, no. Certainly not for puzzle #1. Nooope.

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  2. dang I had LETRECEDE for RETROCEDE. I was wondering what kind of book was called WEEISI, but then again weirder things have been in an e. a. puz.


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