Glutton for Pun #205 by Erik Agard


Person solves puzzle
Downloaded from this link here
Then clicks for review

We’re back with another Glutton themeless! This one seemed to play harder for me, but I was able to finish without any Googling or guessing. There weren’t many gimmes for me here, so it took a while to make real progress. TISHA [Campbell-Martin of “Martin”] was my first entry, followed by the crossing of DATE and DOPER, and SIC. There was a lot of jumping after that, which I could expound upon, but my daughter is demanding I color with her, so we’ll keep this short.

Things I love: BLACK GIRL MAGICHAAGEN DAZSRESCUE DOGKOALAS. Things I don’t love as much: the partial SHAR, and abbreviations JUN on top of UTILOUEST [French direction] confused the heck out of me, because apparently as one word it means “west,” but as two words, “où est” means “where is.” I knew the latter from friends who took French in high school, so I was thrown off.


Awesome clues: [Candy bar that sounds like it should cost 1/5000th of a 100 Grand Bar] for SKOR, [Shedder of a few pounds, perhaps?] for RESCUE DOG, and [Jeremy who now plays in Brooklyn with a guy named Brook] for LIN.

Feel free to add anything in the comments. Right now I have to figure out why my three-year-old is running upstairs, grabbing my shoes one pair at a time, and bringing them downstairs to put them in a box on the living room floor. She says “Cuz I have to.” (She’s done with coloring for now.)

To the Americans reading this: have a wonderful 4th of July weekend! Don’t drink and drive, don’t drink and play with fireworks, and if you’re local, I will not turn down deliveries of corn on the cob or any sort of red, white, and blue dessert.

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