Glutton for Pun #204 by Erik Agard



There really isn’t a chance of topping Erik’s fantastic meta or Evan’s clever writeup, so I’m not going to try. It’s been a rough week, and there’s a lot of nesting that needs to be done at the Milburnigan household in the next few weekends, so let’s stick to the basics today.

I got stuck right away in the NW corner. CAPONS was vaguely familiar to me after it was filled in towards the end. CHANCLAS, on the other hand (Spanish for house sandals or flip-flops), is not a term I knew. even after getting all the crossings but the first and knowing they were correct, I had doubts about dropping in the initial C. Also, slipped up a lot on CHARLENE [Hamilton song with the lyrics “She must have told me a thousand times before/Silent cries I used to ignore”]. I’m guessing I am not the only person who thought not of Anthony Hamilton, but the other Hamilton here.

I enjoyed PEE DANCE [Shimmy in a line at the club, say] and the connected [Aerie attraction(s)] answers, BODYSUIT and BRA SALES. None of the clues really made me laugh or groan this time around, but at the same time, nothing in the grid made me cringe, either. [___ Productions (film company that’s been producing James Bond movies for, appropriately, a very long time] for EON is a nice touch.

That’s all I have. Please feel free to discuss further in the comments. Again, thank you to Evan Birnholz for his wonderful review of Glutton 203!

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