Chris Words #73: Themeless Fifteen

looking for bad fill! all themeless fifteen! all themeless fifteen! how’d he get it so clean! solve here.

Screen Shot 2016-06-20 at 4.32.15 PM

beautiful 68-word offering this week. it’s a wide-open grid, and where are the bad entries? partial IN SO, never-see-it-in-real-life TEC & ETNAS, a bit of SSE and EST – really nothing for me to complain about here. (which, dammit, i love complaining! give me something to work with, king!)

in fact, this puzzle won me over right from square one, literally: acting great rachel MCADAMS and MADDIE of maddie & tae, one of my favorite country groups. (banger! banger! slow banger!) also enjoyed seeing KING JAMES right down the middle – especially since this puzzle was published hours before lebron won the chip and the mvp. he knew!

no idea on the marquee entries, DO IT ROCKAPELLA and CARMEN SANDIEGO, but i imagine they were well received. there is definitely both a carmen sandiego board game and a carmen sandiego educational computer game somewhere in my childhood home, so i don’t know why this was a blind spot for me.

new meta suite coming next week. what a time. thanks for the puzzles, CK!


  1. -I knew.
    -Since I love hiding references in my puzzle, I’d like to highlight 24D and 32D, which are the good guys and bad guys respectively in the 52A franchise. This will explain some of those not-as-highlight words in the grid.

    Thanks Erik for the wonderful writeup. Good luck with MGWCC 421 everyone, and be sure to check out my Variety Edition meta suite, being released Sunday at noon over at Chris Words. It’s like one meta puzzle, but 14 more!


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