Glutton for Pun #202 by Erik Agard


Click and solve and click and read…

img_1033 Is anyone else in Indie 500 withdrawal? I am. There was no Glutton last week, likely because Erik was making sure the second annual Indie 500 tournament was a wonderful success. More about that later.

This week’s puzzle is a quick little 12×13 with a dating site theme:

  • 16a. [Kindle-enabled device?] TINDER BOX
  • 25a. [Russell Westbrook’s NBA squad, briefly] OKC THUNDER (short for OkCupid)
  • 34a. [Yellow-with-black-stripes Transformer] BUMBLEBEE

Tinder is familiar to me, and I used OkCupid forever ago in college, but wouldn’t have known it to still exist if a dear friend wasn’t using it. Bumble, on the other hand, is new to me. I like that its concept is a little different than other dating sites. Overall, though, I consider myself lucky to be so far removed from the dating scene.

Fill-wise, I love ELFIN, SPINNAKER, ACE OF BASE, and PAP not clued as the smear. MALIK YOBA, AHL, and Michael CHABON are new to me, but were gettable for me by crossings and anagramming. I LOLed at the clue for BEER, [Schorschbräu Schorschbock 57% or, like, Coors Light].

That’s pretty much it for the puzzle. Back to The Indie 500: I won’t give spoilers in case people who are solving at home have not finished the puzzles yet, but all six were clever, clean, and fun to solve. Major props to the pairs of constructors and to the volunteers who kept everything running smoothly and made sure there was pie. Congrats to the finalists and the award winners as well!

If this were a perfect world, I would post the video evidence of Erik Agard and his prom date Joanne Sullivan getting hit by a pie in the tournament’s dairy-based tradition. Does anyone have a copy? I’d love to post it here. Regardless, it was great to see so many lovely cruciverbalists there.

UPDATE: Joanne Sullivan was kind enough to respond to my pleas for help and post the video to Facebook. I cannot figure out how to save the video and embed it here, so I humbly provide the link to Virginia Sory Brown hitting Joanne Sullivan and Erik Agard in the face with a pie as revenge for their tricky but wonderful Puzzle 4. (Let’s call it Indie 500 Two: 2 Constructors 1 Pie. Or 2 Constructors 2 Ponchos.)


  1. therealrexparker said:

    Now that is what I call Scrabble-f*cking. That is how it’s done. Learn from a pro, kids.
    PS I learned MALIK YOBA, or as I like to call him now. MALIKY OBA! Nice theme, which I didn’t even know was there until after.


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