Glutton for Pun #200 by Erik Agard


Yay for 200 puzzles! Solve, then read…

Congrats to Erik for his 200th Glutton for Pun puzzle! If you look at any word on his blog post for this puzzle, or the title of his puzzle, you may notice a big hint to the theme of this crossword.

Let’s look at the theme entries:


What do these things have in common? The altar ego of STEVE ROGERS is CAPtain America. ALEX OVECHKIN is the CAPtain of the Washington CAPitals. A PRICE CEILING is an upper limit, or CAP, on the cost of a good or service. A MORTARBOARD is the square-topped hat worn at graduations, otherwise known as the CAP of the “cap and gown.” The common thread here, or the [THEME OF THIS PUZZLE], is that they are ALL CAPS.

I adore this theme, and I can’t help but wonder how much it pained Erik to TYPE LIKE THIS when he usually is all “i’m erik agard, and i think the shift bar is for uptight people who care about typing standards.” Anyway, the capital letters make his thank you blog post seem that much more effusive.

The fill is smooth and fresh and everything else fill should be. Love the crossing of SWIZZ Beats with ZYDECO and ZESTA. There’s even WIZ just above it, and while that corner is pop culture heavy, it’s pulled off nicely — I don’t feel like there’s any Scrabble-f’ing going on at all. CAMP RAMAH is new to me but gettable by crossings. We’ve got BLEW A KISS, GAS SENSOR, REGISTRAR [PERSON WHO MIGHT HELP YOU ADD MUSIC] in the long fill. I grinned at [OK, THIS ONE’S THE JUMP…] for AXEL and […AND THIS ONE’S THE AUTO PART (I GET THEM CONFUSED A LOT)] for AXLE.

The only thing that wasn’t beautiful is SCENE V. I’m not a fan of the arbitary Roman numeral after ACT, SCENE, etc. Otherwise, the fill is lovely.

Erik has given us some great puzzles, and the recent run has been especially excellent. Thanks to him for sharing 200 with us so far, and I’m hoping for many, many more in the future.


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