Glutton for Pun #199 by Erik Agard



Themeless 56
There are two Glutton crosswords to blog this week, so this will be on the short side. Erik always manages to cram lots of fun long fill into his themelesses, and I always learn something along the way. Highlights for me are the crossing of LOSSLESS AUDIO and SONANCE  (which is a new word for me); the clue/answer combo of [Dispatches with the veil of secrecy] for ANONYMOUS POSTS; and GLADIATOR SANDAL.

The medical person in me was pleased to see OTOLITH [More scientific name for an ear-stone] in a grid. The medical punster in me completely swooned upon reading the most groanworthy entry I’ve seen in a long time. My reaction was vocal and full of awe and love and embarrassment and so many other emotions. Wait for it…

[Like this joke, compared to maybe every other eye-related joke ever?] The answer: CORNEA. Be still, my heart.

Things I did not know: THE UNDEFEATED, a site almost three years in the making which launched this past week, self-described as “the premier platform for exploring the intersections of race, sports and culture.” Did not know that UPENN is the [Source of Donald Trump’s BS]. MADHI, the prophesied Islamic redeemer, is another novel entry for me.

Things that weren’t amazing, the suffix IZE, the meh IN OT. (I’m grasping at straws here.)

CORNEA! Ha! ♥♥♥

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