Glutton for Pun #198 by Erik Agard


Puzzle here, review below.

Glutton198We’re back to the regular Wednesday routine this week, with a nice little themed number. Four down entries have duplicated syllables, allowing hilarity to ensue:

  • 4d. [Godfather?] ASSISTANT DADA
  • 6d. [Defensive response from a writer accused of not ordering their pages?] I DID NUMBER
  • 19d. [Response when Mr. Batali asks, “What’s the deal with this picture everyone keeps tweeting?”?] IT’S A MEME, MARIO
  • 28d. [Fight between two birds, back in the day?] DODO BATTLE

It’s a good theme. Not brilliant, but it works fine. My favorite is the play on “It’s-a me, Mario!” thanks to growing up alongside everyone’s favorite plumber.

The fill contains some nice longer entries, like REGICIDES, ETTA JAMES, and VACANT LOT. The Inuit language INUKTITUT was unknown to me, but the crossings are fair. ETHER [Burn severely?] is a diss song released by Nas as part of his feud with Jay Z in the 90s and early 2000s. I adore [Geology “lessen”?] for ERODEABCD next to AAAA isn’t wonderful, but it doesn’t really detract from the solve. Overall, this is a fun little number.

I’ll leave you with a link to a lyrics-included Youtube video for ETHER. (NSFW)

Until next time, Crossworlders!

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