Glutton for Pun #196 by Erik Agard


It’s another crossword! If you’re reading this, you made it to another week! Yay!

We’re continuing the sports theme this week with some teams that changed a bit based on the performance in their last games:

  • [Basketball team in second after taking a loss?] INDIANA PLACERS
  • [Baseball team on the hot seat after taking a loss?] NEW YORK MELTS
  • [Basketball team feeling coldblooded after getting a win?] BROOKLYN NEWTS
  • [Baseball team feeling the team spirit after taking a loss?] CHICAGO CLUBS
  • [Baseball team sponsored by a jeans brand after getting a win and then taking a loss?] TEXAS WRANGLERS

The team names either gain a W or an based on whether they took a Win or a Loss (or both, in the case of the Rangers). At first I was worried about another sports theme, but I love the playfulness of this one. The PACERS/PLACERS was even more clever, with the loss causing the team to come in second. The addition of two letters to RANGERS is an extra nice touch. Also, the title adds another layer of awesome (WORL’D  can be written as “W or L’d”, as in adding W or L).

The fill is pretty zippy. I have to catch up on Doctor Who episodes before PEARL Mackie makes her debut. As many times as TET shows up in crosswords, it’s nice to mix up the three-letter holidays with an EID. Also, green tea (matcha) KitKATs are amaaaaaazing. Trust me. Japanese KitKats have a milder sweetness, and the green tea sets it off perfectly. The sweet potato ones are strange, though.

Until next time, my lovelies!

  1. e.a. said:

    omg i have to try sweet potato kit kats


    • erinium said:

      I gave my last bag to Deb at ACPT. They’re on Amazon, too, though.


  2. I am so horrible at metas. I was like, “LLWLWL”? WTF is that? On the other hand, when I saw a sports-based theme I despaired, but it turned out to be a lovely puzzle.


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