Glutton for Pun #194 by Erik Agard


Solve a puzzle from “Slicks,” figure out the trick, then go ahead and click!


We have a meta this week! Our instructions: “the meta answer is a superhero.” Nothing really jumps out during the solve, except for our lone hint in the center of the grid: 40a. [Like the answer to this metapuzzle], OVERT. At first glance, the answer is anything but overt. The longer entries do not seem related at all, and I cannot find anything peculiar about the letters used, or any particular bad avoidable fill that clues us in to something going on in a certain area of the grid.

When we figure the title “Superscript” into the equation, however, it gives us an idea on how to look at our one hint. Instead of “overt” as in “not secret,” we need to read it as OVER T. Let’s see what happens when we look at the letters above each T in the grid. Glutton194CirclesThese letters spell out, fittingly, CAPTAIN OBVIOUS. The superhero famous for telling us something we already know is the answer to our meta.

I found this meta to be pretty easy, likely because I was primed for something similar thanks to the 4/15 MGWCC, explained  hereOVERT/OVER T is a clever bit of wordplay that ties in beautifully with Captain Obvious. Given that this is Erik, there very well may be some other, more subtle layer to the puzzle that I’ve missed, but I feel like that would detract from the, well, obviousness of it all. Still, any solver who finds anything else is encouraged to leave a comment.

As for fill, today I learned that BEERY and EMIRATI (which I should have known) are words, and that there was a 2005 movie about a dog called Because of WINN-DIXIE. BINDI and MANTRA are lovely, as are the clues [Building with locks on the floor?] for HAIR SALON, [House music?] for OPERA, and [Form a bipartisan coalition across the aisle?] for MARRY. 

That’s all I have for now. Until next time, wonderful word-lovers!


  1. Neville said:

    I didn’t find any extra layer to this puzzle, either… but that doesn’t mean anything. I’ll bet there’s something we’re still missing! 🙂


    • adamnicolle said:

      The extra layer is that the answer was so obvious that it feels like you’re missing something, I think.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I always feel show-offy when I use “antepenultimate”, (which even this rich text editor thinks is a misspelling), but “Preantepenultimate”? Nice one. But last I checked, Coors Light smells much more like water.

    Liked by 2 people

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