Glutton for Pun #193 by Erik Agard


Lather, solve, repeat.

Erik is back in the themeless groove this week. This one has a legal flair, with CITY PROSECUTOR, “WE HAVE, YOUR HONOR,” and VIDEO DEPOSITION (which, if you’ve never had to experience, I hope you never ever have to. It’s definitely not a place where one should WEAR ONE’S HEART / ON ONE’S SLEEVE). I love [Court return] as the clue for WE HAVE, YOUR HONOR, and [Program with rolling admissions] for VIDEO DEPOSITION. The other long entry is WILMA RUDOLPH, who made sense with the crossings I had at the time but who I knew as “Skeeter” instead of “The Tornado.”

Other things I love about this puzzle: [Covering that keeps your spot warm?] for TEA COZY, [Daly, celebrity] for TYNE (a nod to the Daily Celebrity Crossword), and the throwbacks to some recent puzzles. There’s [Dip meat] for CLAM, which references CLAM DIP in GFP #191 “Holiday Feast,” and [Of age acorn] for OAK, where we had the clue [Oak Jr.] for ACORN in #192 “OK, Here’s an Easy One.”

Things I don’t love: TWO HR., RHOS, SSNS. That’s it. Another fresh, entertaining solve here, with little to nitpick about and nothing to hate. As always, the puzzle is inclusive and not degrading to any group of humans. This shouldn’t have to be a cause for celebration, but I think Erik should be recognized as one of the constructors who keeps his entire audience in mind and who can create a fun, intelligent grid without making a group of solvers feel like they are unappreciated or excluded for being who they are. For this reason, I bequeath upon Erik Agard the brand new impromptu GOLD STAR Award (Grids Of Laudable Diversity Sharing Tolerance And Respect)!



(Yes, it’s just a clip art gold star. My Photoshop skills are rusty.)



That’s it for this week! Thanks for joining me again, and congrats to Erik for winning this prestigious award with no monetary value! Until next week, my cruciverbal companions!


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