Chris Words #66: Fate Knocking at the Door

solve this. then read this ⬇️


hi y’all. easy offering from CK this week. we’ve got a neat classical music theme:

Greasy spoon employees: SHORT ORDER COOKS
“The Lottery”, for one: SHORT STORY
To the point: SHORT AND SWEET
1808 composition referenced by the starts of the four starred answers: BEETHOVEN’S FIFTH

as in, like, shortshortshortLOOOOOOONG.

i think possibly the hardest thing to do as a crossword constructor is to come up with a novel easy theme. so i feel very reverent rn.

though, technically, i have seen this gimmick before: it was a tournament-long meta at lollapuzzoola (which is NOW OPEN FOR REGISTRATION!!!), with the short/short/short/long appearing at 1-across in successive puzzles, and the BEETHOVEN’S FIFTH spanning the final themeless grid, if i recall correctly. great minds think alike!

fill i liked: GUTSY, OH SHIT, PROLOGUE, MEET ME, SFPD. (fill i didn’t like: this)

clue i adored: [Answer to the question, “Hey Macbeth, are you from Wales?”]

thanks to mr. king for the pleasant sunday solve, and to you for solving/reading. don’t forget the meta puzzle from last week is still open for submissions. (spoiler alert for the next review: it’s good.)


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  1. Had no idea a previous LPZ had used it as a theme. No surprise, as Brian and Patrick are certainly musically inclined.

    By the way, the picture of the grid does not appear in my browser, nor does the grid from the #64 post. Just wondering if this is the case with others of you out there.

    But anyway, thanks Erik for reviewing #66, and to everyone else, be sure to submit your meta answer for #65!


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