Glutton for Pun #188 by Erik Agard


Step 1: We can have lots of fun! Step 2: There’s so much we can do! Step 3: It’s just you and me! Step 4: I can give you more! Step 5: Don’t you know that the time is right? HUH!

The lesser-known Step 6: Solve, then click!

Glutton 187 Hi everyone! Sorry for the lateness, but yesterday was my bratling’s third birthday party, so I had to be social and keep the food and drink stocked instead of typing away, and then I worked this morning. As a result, my introverted self has not completely recovered, so this review will be more stream of consciousness than anything.

EXQUISITE CORPSE: I’ve never heard this term before. I’ve heard of the game where someone writes something, then folds the paper over, so the next person adds their piece without knowing what was written, but did not know its name. The game can also be played with images, as explained here.

TESSA: [Actress Thompson of “Mississippi Damned”]. Apparently this movie’s title comes from the song “Mississippi Goddam,” written by Nina Simone. Erik’s reference to the movie and therefore the song is a timely one. The trailer for Nina Simone’s biopic was released recently, and it has stirred up a lot of controversy over the casting of Zoe Saldana, a light-skinned actress, as the singer, whose life and career were very much affected by her dark skin. Here is Nina singing her song.

Clues I love: [Person who works with lead pipes] for FRONTWOMAN, [A bit arcane?] for INSIDE JOKE, [It looks kinda like this: o] for WHOLE NOTE, [Swift hit] for A MODEST PROPOSAL, [Philthy phone photo] for SEXT, and [Hue granter] for DYE.

Stuff I could have done without: PHANE [Cello- end], RISP [Baseball abbr. concerning “ducks on the pond”]. I listen to baseball commentary while doing crosswords and other things when my husband watches the Phillies make total fools of themselves, so I’ve heard “runners in scoring position” before, but didn’t know it could be an acronym.

Have an amazing Pi Day on Monday, 3/14! (It’s my daughter’s birthday as well, and I’m not above admitting I pushed as hard as I could to welcome her on Pi Day instead of the Ides of March). Until next week, my lovelies!

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