Chris Words #64: I Put Humor into These Puzzles

if i provide a url for the puzzle and then write about it, does that make this a linkin’ log?

e.a.: hi y’all. if you haven’t heard, some serious news from the cruciverse: a well-known crossword editor republished constructors’ old puzzles without compensating them. sad. read about it here.
anyway, something good came out of all this ugliness: chris king’s latest offering, titled “i put humor into these puzzles” – a line from the interview and also an apt description of the theme, in which a different kind of humor is put into each of four base phrases: two-man luge becomes TWO-MAN LUGGAGE, skydiving becomes SPUNKY DIVING, one more becomes ONE MANTICORE, and mayflower becomes MAJESTY FLOWER.
ironically, none of them made me laugh out loud. but they’re all nice. the clue for TWO-MAN LUGGAGE – [Carry-on items so large, it takes a couple of people to roll them?] – is especially evocative. i also like that chris used a different type of humor in each themer so as not to get repetitive. it’s a fun, breezy, topical, well-executed theme.
there’s also 1-down, EDITS, clued as [Revises, as a decade-old crossword for re-publication]. got em!
really solid fill in this one. TIME LIMIT, CARJACK, SHAGGY, and KHAKI are nice. i’d ding it for ENIAC and ANAS, but that’s about it. great craftspersonship.
in the clues, i like [They might run in the morning] for EGGS, [Cook with a lot of power] for TIM, and [It’s lit] for FLAME. indeed it is. on the other hand, didn’t much enjoy being reminded of ALI G – [Cohen character revived for the 2016 Oscars] – as racist jokes are decidedly not lit. and the YOGA clue – [It puts you in many different positions and usually leaves you sweating] – felt a bit low-hanging-fruit.
all in all, a very pleasant puzzle to start my sunday, and all the more impressive considering the quick turnaround (the interview was published on friday night). thanks as always to mr. king for putting in the work to keep us entertained. looking forward to the next one!

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