BuzzFeed Crossword – Monday 29 Februrary 2016


Looks like this is going to be the last 15×15 Buzzle for a while, so solve up and read on


How to explain this theme: LEO DICAPRIO-related phrases that contain the word OSCAR, and then some more OSCAR stuff!

Lena: Okay, so, I didn’t see a single Oscar-nominated movie. I actually don’t know what movie LEO was in that garnered him his CARGO. I thought Matt Damon was the “Martian” guy. Anyway, GOLF CLAP for LEO.

Michael: “Little Guy”!?

Lena: That was the movie? That won an Oscar? “Leo DiCapz, for ‘Little Guy’!”

Michael: And the little guy goes to … DUNZO THUD.

Lena: DUNZO THUD is the new mic drop.

Michael: I saw no movies in the theater last year. Wait, let me think … no, I saw one. It was a Sherlock Holmes movie with, let’s say, Ian McKellan. Oh, and that one actress who always gets nominated but never wins and I have a total celeb crush on her … hmm … anyway, I saw that.

Lena: BuzzChuckle coming at me via OHNO (43A: “This is going to be terrible for champion speed skater Apolo!”). BuzzEwGrossWTF coming at me via SMOOSH (4D: Mash together, as downstairs parts)– uhhhhh I’ve heard “bump uglies” and that’s bad enough. “Smoosh parts?” Check please.

Michael: I am not pro-SMOOSH. I’m DUNZO w/ SMOOSH? Am I using that right? I am, however, pro-OHNO, as clued.

Lena: Yeah you got it– I’m probably going to be saying DUNZO a lot. NO SOAP; I’m DUNZO.

Michael: It is at least moderately interesting that a. the two long Downs are OSCARs and b. both of them intersect the letter string “OSCAR” in a themer.

Lena: True, true. I saw THE GROUCH before I saw the revealer, said “ohhhh,” and started looking for hidden OSCARs. Also I have to point out that in the new, HBO-gentrified Sesame Street, Oscar has recycling bins and stuff.

Michael: I wish someone would clue TETON as a partial. [“What day is the Asian holiday ___ this year?”]

Lena: Me too. A lot. I think there’s something wrong with the clue here (46A: Mountain range with a “Grand” largest peak”)– since it’s a *range* of mountain*s* it should be the TETONs? Semi-related, I hate the singular mountain within a rage. One TETON? I have the same problem with ALP. And this is coming from the person whose kid version would ask for a “Kleeneck.”

Michael: File this one away, Lena: ROES CEREMONY.

Lena: Wait what, what’s a Rose Ceremony? DEB stuff?

Michael: OMG you are old. It’s from “The Bachelor.” I think you have to turn in your vagina now.

Lena: WTF you watch the bachelor?! Who ARE you? Since I’m officially done with my vagina, do you need one?

Michael: No I live in America. I know that “Duck Dynasty” is a thing too.

Lena: Is that the one where they drive SEMI RIGS on ice?

Michael: PISTORIUS murdered his girlfriend, so that’s nice. Ugh. “Controversial” doesn’t really get at it. Good night.

  1. nwnk said:

    Knowing that SMOOSH is a Jersey Shore coinage does not make it any better.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. bananarchy said:

    This is one of the greatest xword reviews OAT. Also, I saw very few of the oscar noms as is customary, but I will still confidently say this: if you see one oscar nominee this year, make it Room.


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