Glutton for Pun #185 by Erik Agard


Solve this puzzle. Seriously. Do it. Then keep reading.

Glutton185Hi, everyone! Erik’s latest themeless is a thing of absolute beauty. I really wish I could do it justice, but I’m sick as a dog, so this review is going to be short but sweet.

The long entries really take the cake in this 15×15. LOST IN A GOOD BOOK [Unable to turn down the volume?], EIGHT TRACK TAPESON-STREET PARKINGTRUMPET SOLO [Dizzy spell?], AIRSICK BAG [Where some peanuts might end up], BOOT SCOOTSNONVERBALLY, COCOA BUTTER [Ash fighter], EGOCENTRISM…so much amazing in one grid.

The cluing, oh the cluing…I had at least three nerdgasms when I figured out some of these entries. Each clue I listed above led to a lovely aha moment, as did [Blowing to bits?] for EROSION, [Going home?] for URINAL, [Liquid ingredient in some shakes] for SPIT, [Unhealthy binge fodder] for TRASH TV, and the classic [“A ___ walks into a bar and asks ‘How much for a beer?’ The bartender says, ‘For you? No charge'”] for NEUTRON.

The only time I cringed was STELAE. I didn’t recognize the singular, so the plural was a loss for me. I didn’t know SGA for Student Government Association, but it didn’t bother me. That was it, though. The puzzle played hard for me in places, but it was never a slog, and each revelation brought more joy to the solve. I’d love to fangirl some more, but my sofa and a box of tissues are calling my name. Until next week!


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  1. Neville said:

    I solved 3 puzzles by Erik this week, and they were all great. I really liked the central open section, which seemed daunting upon starting the puzzle, but was well-constructed and fairly clued.

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