BuzzFeed Crossword – Wednesday 10 February 2016

SWIPE IT LIKE IT’S HOT by Samuel A. Donaldson.

Solve and read on.

Wed 2 10.png

Swipe It Like It’s Hot

Constructor: Samuel A. Donaldson

Theme: People who should be swiped right (spelled normally) or left (spelled backward) on in Tinder

  • 17A: DREAMBOAT – Person you should swipe right on (like in this puzzle)
  • 27A: GOOBER – Person you should swipe left on (like in this puzzle)
  • 28A: EYE CANDY – Person you should swipe right on (like in this puzzle)
  • 45A: BUTTHEAD – Person you should swipe left on (like in this puzzle)
  • 47A: HOTTIE – Person you should swipe right on (like in this puzzle)
  • 58A: DOUCHEBAG – Person you should swipe left on (like in this puzzle)

Lena: I thought this was cute– simple backwards theme answers made fun and poppy using Tinder mechanics. But, like, what’s a GOOBER? I find mostly endearing stuff– an oblivious goofball, an amusing person, kindhearted, perhaps bumbling, maybe a weirdo– basically, someone I’d swipe right on. That’s probably not how you use Tinder, huh. It’s not for… endearment, is it.

Max: Yeah, I guess GOOBER was weird, but I didn’t notice it’s weirdness while solving. That area was tough because I didn’t figure out the theme until after I had completed that corner, so I had not idea what letter should go into the G. Mainly, today’s solve was marked by Naticks (Crosses that I couldn’t get either word). I HAVE heard of JDATE, and DOJ is totally legit, but I DNF’ed on that square because I was lost. Also DMT/MYBOY at the M. An O sorta works there. Sorta.

Ben: No real issues for me. I agree on the GOOBER thing. I also found it slightly weird that all three “swipe right” themers refer to looks, while none of the “swipe left” ones do. But on reflection I think that’s probably the right way to handle this theme, and DOUCHEBAG is a strong entry. I found the theme cute.

Lena: Lots of fun clues, the first one to make me chuckle was 41A: Wd. with approx. the sm. mnng. for SYN. I like clever OVULAR/OVA/EGG clues for some reason and 53D: They get laid before they’re even born (EGG) didn’t disappoint. Happy to see the bluntly-clued AEROBE (10D: It needs oxygen)– Science, all daring you not to know it.

Max: We also get a classic Caleb clue with AVER (20A: Say confidently, like “The answer to this clue is an anagram of RAVE”) which is always fun. I also loved the clue for STUPID (44D: Like someone who doesn’t know the answer to this clue is stupid).

Ben: Agree on all of those, plus 40A: “This carnival ride is literally the best thing that ever happened to me! I can’t go back to real life after this” on WHEE. Love that BuzzFeed voice.

Lena: It’s frightening that it has been a decade since Will Ferrell’s drunk baby landlord video. And I would have never thought of it again if it weren’t for this puzzle.

Max: Not a huge Will Ferrell fan, so I had no idea that video existed. Didn’t really slow me down.

Lena: I enjoyed the rather dark 65A: Takes the first steps toward divorces (WEDS), and liked the trickiness of 42A: Platform for writing? (SHELF). Oh, I also laughed all the way out loud at 37A: Doctor Marcus of old TV (ask your grandma) (Josh Brolin’s dad was in this show) (WELBY) because of that adorably desperate additional parenthetical struggling to give the clue/answer any kind of modern-day relevance it can.

Ben: I liked the clue for SHELF because it reminded me of Jasper Fforde’s wonderful answer to the old Alice Carroll riddle, “Why is a raven like a writing desk?” (Because Poe wrote on both.)

Max: I guess ECOS is a thing, but it still gets the SEOTD(Side-Eye Of The Day) award ‘cause idk LOL wtf?

Lena: While this was a very smooth solve for me, I did trip myself up by putting LONG TERM instead of PLATONIC (21A: Type of relationship not often sought after on Tinder) with no crosses– kinda brazen, I guess. ABCS and AEIOU might irk some folks, but the cross-reference kept me entertained. ON NOW (48D: Currently airing) sounds awkward and is probably my least favorite answer. EVER. Just kidding. It’s fine. I like crosswords.

Ben: I feel like I’ve seen this theme before somewhere, but I can’t recall where. Regardless, I enjoyed this iteration.

Max: It was an OK theme, I guess. No strong feelings about this either way. 3.9/5 stars for me. maXWORD out!

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