Glutton for Pun #182 by Erik Agard


It’s a puzzle! Solve it! Then read about it!

Glutton182 It’s strange seeing a standard 15×15 grid from Erik, but that’s what we have this week. As usual, there are some zippy long entries, especially HARD KNOCK LIFEMEMENTO MORI, and THANKS OBAMA. The SE corner has some great cluing as well, with [Hand-to-hand combat?] for DRAW POKER right above [Exceed the legal limit?] for COME OF AGE.

This puzzle was a DNF for me, though, given the sheer number of proper nouns. ETHEL Waters, DAN Le Batard, BENJAMIN BRATTADINA Howard, Zoe SALDANAŽJELKO Ivanek…about half the names were new to me, and the ASSEZ / ŽJELKO crossing did me in. The NE corner was particularly hard for me, as I kept trying to spell ETHEL with a Y, and I couldn’t make a choice between SUPRA and SUPER for the -national prefix.

On the plus side, we have some beautifully clever cluing. I love the acting spin of [Extra space] for SET, the beertacular [Run around the yard?] for SLOSH, [Negative charges] for FINES, [Wheel of Fortune game] for TAROT, and [Seal team?] for HAREM.

In general, I love the cluing and a lot of the long fill. The short fill is fine, too, but the abundance of names kept it from being a great solve for me. At the same time, I appreciate learning about new people and shows/movies/music to check out, so it’s a win from that standpoint.

Until next week!


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  1. slubduck said:

    This was the hardest EA puzzle that I was able to solve, I think. There’ve been a few that were too cleverly clued for me, but this one was doable (except the Z in Zjelko, and for me the K in Merkerson crossing my OR- since I had hogfish and couldn’t suss the 2-of-a-kind clue). Otherwise it was deliciously difficult and fun to figure. [Bed at a resort] is beautiful cluing for a rare entry like WHITESAND (aside, didn’t “White Sands” used to be the landing site for some space shuttles?). Also as Erin mentioned the SE had a multitude of clever clues, but she left out the divine [Move randomly] for RAFFLEOFF. Holy socks, even after filling that in I sat there for a full minute deciding how valid the clue was, and decided that it was spectacular. That one crossing with Comeofage is a highlight of puzzling for me to remember. Thanks for writing up all these great puzzles here gang!


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