BuzzFeed Crossword – Monday 1 February 2016

FLOWER POWER” by Jacob Stulberg

Go on then, give it a solve

Screen Shot 2016-02-01 at 4.23.38 PM

Flower Power

Constructor: Jacob Stulberg

Theme: The last words in the theme entries can all by made into comic book characters by GOING GREEN, or prefacing the last word in the theme entries with “green.”

  —61A: GOING GREEN – Lifestyle change for the eco-friendly… or how the ends of 17-,  28-, and 44A can gain special powers?

–17A: SKY LANTERN – Paper floater at Chinese festivals

28A: CHARLOTTE HORNET – Member of a team owned by Michael Jordan (that also sounds like a character from “Bee Movie”)

44A: FOLLOW YOUR ARROW – 2013 Kacey Musgraves hit with the lyric “roll up a joint, or don’t”

Lena: I quite like this puzzle! I’m not into super heroes (although I plan to start watching “Jessica Jones”), but I didn’t have any trouble with theme because GREEN HORNET and GREEN LANTERN are pretty well-known characters. The revealer seems a bit haphazard to me though, how the ends of words “can gain special powers?” Just by adding the word GREEN? Obviously I know what they were going for, so no real objection.

Max: Well, that puzzle was quick for me (6:05). It’s a nice consistent theme, and at the perfect difficult for a BZF Monday. It wasn’t too flashy, and I liked the imagery of a Lantern suddenly turning green, and then it’s a superhero. I didn’t even see RISD(10D: Art sch. Where the Talking Heads met), and it seems out of place in the otherwise clean grid.

Lena: As a huge Talking Heads fan, I liked seeing their name in a puzzle. That Brian ENO gets all the attention…

Max: Oh, and INOT(16A: How some exciting football games are won) and INHD(Like every episode in the American version of “The Office”) are symmetrical. I wonder if that was intentional. ONLINE(45D: Using the interwebs) and ONLOAN(11D: Checked out temporarily, like a library book) are sooooo close to symmetry.

Lena: Neat– didn’t notice that. Something that Peter Broda has instilled in me is a love of stretches of consonants in fill. I noticed some goodies in the themers SKYLANTERN and GOINGGREEN. Also QDOBA (22A: Chipotle competitor) is fun, same deal with LAYSBARE (3D: Makes obvious). Also also INHD and TVMA which was a fun crossreference.

Lena: Nice additional super hero (is he considered a superhero? are all these guys actually villains?) shout-out with 53A: Wolverine’s (or Wolverine’s) weapons (CLAWS). Favorite fill and clue is totally FUCK IT (44D: “Eh, why not. YOLO.”); I say that a lot.

Max: I liked the clue for BOERS (23A: Early Dutch-speaking settlers of South Africa who Bo like all the time). Nice clue-saves-fill moment for me. And of course I love the freshness of answers like QDOBA and FUCK IT. I don’t like Mexican food though, so I’ve never eaten at a QDOBA. Or a Chipotle. I know, I’ve just lost serious teen cred with that statement.

Lena: It’s hard to not love that BOERS clue. And on the clever clue front I like 31D: Stop working? (RETIRE)– that held me up a little and took me an embarrassingly long time to get BAR SCENE (38D: Aspect of nightlife) because of it.

Max: The idea of Gilbert Gottfried voicing the Shakespeare villain IAGO (43A: “Aladdin” parrot voiced by Gilbert Gottfried (who also would’ve been great as the Shakespeare role…)) is hilarious. I memorized an Iago monologue for a camp, and my delivery was the exact opposite of Gilbert’s

Lena: Overall this felt like a… mature puzzle… not boring, not too easy, clever clues and fun fill.

Max: Clean, but not overly exciting. 3.9/5 stars. maXWORD out!

  1. Hm, just earlier today I did one of Evan’s WP puzzles (posted by Rex yesterday*) that also had a super hero theme. Not a super hero fan but enjoyed both greatly, Evan’s probably a little more. But this one made me giggle a couple times.


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  2. Bob Dively said:

    Immediately flew this one into a wall by writing in CHARLOTTE BOBCATS and ignoring the 2nd half of the clue (28A: Member of a team owned by Michael Jordan (that also sounds like a character from “Bee Movie”)). Of course, the joke was doubly on me because the original Charlotte team partly owned by Jordan was in fact the Hornets. Then the Hornets moved to New Orleans and after some years decided to rebrand as the Pelicans. In the meanwhile, Charlotte got a new franchise—the Bobcats—which then became the Hornets again in 2014.

    And I just realized after typing all that that no one gives a shit.

    Anyway, I liked the rest of the puzzle. Ciao.


    • Joe Pancake said:

      If commenters on the Internet restricted their speech based on what others give a shit about, there probably would never be any online comments.


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