BuzzFeed Crossword – Monday 25 January 2016

DON’T GET EMOTIONAL” by David Phillips

Yeah, suck it up and solve.

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Don’t Get Emotional

Constructor: David Phillips

Theme: Theme answers contain OUT.

  • 16A: PROVO, UTAH – Home to Brigham Young University
  • 23A: TECHNO UTOPIA – Hypothetical paradise brought about by scientific advancement
  • 39A: NO U-TURN – Warning that you can’t go back
  • 50A: STOP IT, YOU TWO! – “Don’t make me come back there!”
  • 62A: INSIDE OUT – 2015 Pixar movie that totally had me pulling for Sadness… or a hint to what 16-, 23-, 39-, and 50-Across have

Ben: Pardon me while I give TECHNO UTOPIA some serious side-eye — I like the theme fine, and it’s appropriately simple for a Monday — but I have never heard that phrase before. Google returns a few hundred thousand results, so OK, but it’s the odd man out for me.

Max: 8:23 for me. I did the same thing! Still giving it a side-eye. However, was more concerned with PROVO, UTAH (16A: Home of Brigham Young University). I hope the “Use a full city name as yuor first theme answer when you have a ‘breaking’ theme” doesn’t catch on (re: LUCKNOW, INDIA)

Lena: Based on NOMOPHOBIA from Friday’s, I assumed TECHNO UTOPIA is just another thing I’d never heard of– I don’t like the sound of it, it’s like Singularity Lite.

Max: Aren’t singularities black holes? Annnnnnywaaaaaaay, my other problem with the theme was the consistency. I will go full Michael on it’s O/UT to OU/T 3-1 ratio here. Just….don’t split it up that way. Feels inelegant.

Lena: I was happy to see it split across words at all! I haven’t seen INSIDE OUT, but I thought this was a cute Monday theme, and should be easy to suss out without circles.

Ben: “Inside Out” is great — one of the best things Pixar’s ever done. Definitely worth watching if you missed it last year.

Max: I saw it, it was great. One of best Pixar films I’d ever seen. To be honest, speaking of Pixar movies, I don’t like Toy Story 1 or 2. I know I’ll get flamed in the comments… but it’s boring after you’ve seen it once. #sorrynotsorry

Ben: This is nice and clean. I also appreciate the references to my favourite Batman movie at 68A: Ones that [in Michael Caine’s voice] just want to watch the world burn, informally (PYROS) and my favourite Disney movie at 34A: Disney sidekick who keeps insisting he’s not a lizard because he “don’t do that tongue thing” (MUSHU).

Lena: The last Pixar film I saw was “Up” on an airplane, already drunkish, drinking nasty plane wine and sobbing. I don’t really watch Pixar/Disney… I only know things about “Frozen” from crossword puzzles.

Ben: Liked FROG PRINCE (10D: Fairy tale figure who croaks before his big kiss), but I had TOAD PRINCE for ages, so that made the NE hard for me. (I also had DAD for 22A: Patriarchy member instead of GUY.)

Max: I got to play the FROG PRINCE in a production of The Brother’s Grimm Spectularathon. Basically a wacky rundown of all of the Grimm fairy tales. Got to wear a dress with 3 different wigs and a beak, cycling through Cinderella, her evil Stepmother, her two evil Stepsisters, and the Birds that eventually peck out the The stepsister’s eyes. Lots of fun.

BUT BACK TO THE PUZZLE! I got royally screwed by bad clue reading. Only read the “American Horror Story” part of the clue for HOTEL(14D: “American Horror Story:___” (the one with Lady Gaga as a sexually liberated bloodsucking immortal fashionista) and typed in COVEN. Which almost works! <sad face>

Lena: I had BOY instead of GUY, and ROAR instead of RAWR (30A: It means “I love you” in dinosaur speak, apparently)

Max: Oh, and quick shout out to the remarkable restaint shown on ERECT(65A: Straight up). I know I wouldn’t have such restraint for a BZF puzzle. When I see a word like that, it’s “hard” not to get “excited.” (sorry)

Ben: For some reason, 32A: Device usually obtained about halfway through a “Legend of Zelda” dungeon didn’t click for me for ages — I kept trying to jam in COMPASS instead of ITEM. I’m not sure “device” and ITEM are really synonymous, but whatever. Also took me a while to see NY GIANTS (39D: Super Bowl XLVI winners), as I’m not really an NFL fan.

Lena: I liked YOINK (52D: [=O There’s only one french fry left… don’t mind if I do!]. I also wanted to find something different in that dungeon– an OCARINA! The OWL clue (26D: Real head-turner?) has that easy-going misdirection I enjoy– Misdirection Lite.

Max: Agreed– I actually stop for a sec and noticed how nicely worded and SMOOOTH that clue was. I like the clue on COIN SORTER(29D: It handles a lot of change really well). Nice misdirection without the need for a “?” clue.

Overall, a nicely filled puzzle with an easy theme– 4.1/5  for me. maXWORD out!

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  1. Joe Pancake said:

    I also did not like the inelegance of the OUT only being part of the last two words of STOPITYOUTWO, but the phrase itself is quite nice and original, so it kinda evens “out”.

    I’m with Max about the Toy Story movies (overrated… and I also don’t understand why in the first one taking apart your toys to make new mixed-and-matched toys is portrayed as bad — that’s creative!) and with Ben about the Zelda clue — the M in ITEM/MUSHU was my last entry.

    Unlike Ben, I am an NFL fan (an oft conflicted fan, but a fan nonetheless), so NYGIANTS was a gimme. Although I’m not sure why the constructor, David, is tired of watching ELI win Super Bowls. It’s been five years since the Giants last won one, and they’ve been mediocre/lousy since then.

    Pretty good Monday overall.


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