Glutton for Pun #178 by Erik Agard


If you’ve been itching for themeless goodness, it’s been a good run at GFP! Solve here, then read on.

I’m starting to wonder if anyone would notiFullSizeRenderce if I posted the same grid each week, as Erik’s been getting a lot of mileage out of this 17×13 size. The long entries allowed by this grid are working, though. PAPER PLANES, DIEGO RIVERA, STIGMATIZES, EXASPERATED…all great stuff.


MISSISSIPPI MASALA is new to me, probably because I was eight when it was released. Oh, Denzel…

Love the clues for PAPER PLANES [Flyers with tearable sections], EGG TOSS [Field day activity in which you throw something ovahand?], PEI [I.M., legend in architecture], and CAMEL BACK [Hump dais?]. I’m still in awe over the wordplay of [Sake served cold, e.g.] for SASHIMI. As much as I love raw fish, I didn’t know that sake was a Japanese term for salmon as well as rice wine. Now I really, really want sushi. Thanks, Erik.

TIL that thegiphy chorus in ancient Greek theater sang, and two parts of each choral ode/song were the STROPHE and the antistrophe. The chorus would step together in one direction while singing the strophe, and change direction for the antistrophe, returning to their original position. So STROPHE can refer to the portion of the ode being sung, or the movement involved while singing. Also new to me is “numpties.” The more you know…

I’ll end with the groaniest entries: [Me et al., initials-wise] for EAS (ugh), and [That’s the thicket! (sorry)] for COPSE. There are other talking points in this grid for sure, but my daughter is now tracking around dirt from the plant my husband’s friend bought her at Home Depot. [sigh]

  1. Lena Webb said:

    This was great fun– I solved it over two morning commutes with my friend, and just now finished it up with Brayden. I love the rectangular grids, both aesthetically and in terms of the kind of fill you can get in. I also did not know MISSISSIPPI MASALA– wanted some kind of “Mission Imp…robable?” but no. Once I got the ‘sippi I had no idea about MASALA, and so the NE vertistack was ultimately the most difficult for me. I didn’t like LEANT, and CONCEALER stumped me because I was thinking about Photoshop instead of makeup. [Seething] for EXASPERATED didn’t synonymize for me; Erik’s definitely one of the chillest people I know, so maybe for him mere exasperation feels like seething! I was also unsure of STROPHE forever– it was a tricky clue for something I thought was a poem. I once clued ASSAI as [encouraging extreme measures?] and got yelled at a lot, so if nothing else I think I understand why that happened to me. If James Bond came to MY bar, I would tell him that if shake his martini I won’t be able to “pour diamonds” because the shaking just makes a cloudy drink. He’s an idiot.

    DEECE is completely my favorite. This puzzle was totes deece.

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    • agree with all of this. ANTENNATV was also very hard to parse, I had iNTErNeTV for a while before I straightened everything out.

      clue for EGGTOSS was definitely the pun I was looking for in this puzzle.


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