Glutton for Pun #177 by Erik Agard


Happy New Year! Take some time to solve the puzzle if you haven’t already, then read on.


We’ll keep this short since my toddler woke me up overnight, then decided to wake up at 7:30, and now I’m stuck watching Paw Patrol until we can go find something to do. Anyway…Erik returns this week with another themeless. He’s been liking a 17×13 grid recently, and it’s been working for him. The NW corner has three wonderful entries, RESTAURANT ROW / EBONY MAGAZINE / WASTE PRODUCTS, and the SE is graced with the solid UNCOOPERATIVE / STARRING ROLES / DOWNING STREET (clued with the clever [Where #1 is in 10]). The layout also allows for two 13s, SO’S YOUR OLD MAN [Son burn?] and MISSED BY A MILE, which I loved. So much win with the long fill here.

Today I learned that the O’Jays had a song called “STAIRWAY to Heaven.”

Also new to me are artist Carrie MAE Weems and singer-songwriter EMPRESS Of. I remember hearing about ASMR at one point, but the acronym was not familiar to me at all.

The short fill is a mixed bag. Lots of suffixes like ISM and ITY, but great answers/clues like PIN [Coup for a wrestler or a… chess…ler?] and ALI [He reportedly injured a stone, hospitalized a brick, murdered a rock, and made medicine sick]. It’s surprising to see NAD [Testicle, slangily] from Erik, but it’s fine. Overall, a pleasant solve.

Two announcements from Erik before I head out:

  1. He’s started a podcast about Andy Kravis’ weekly Cruciverbalist at Law puzzles. The first episode features our own Peter Broda! Listen here.
  2. There are two weeks left to submit a puzzle for the second annual Indie 500 tournament! Details here.

I hope everyone has something to look forward to in 2016, and that you all are as safe, healthy, and happy as possible this year.

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