Glutton for Pun #176 by Erik Agard


Need a quick xword fix this week? Solve Erik’s latest treat, then read on.

FullSizeRender (1)It seems to be a busy week for lots of people, so Erik serves up a quick little something for us. In his words, “here’s a (relatively) easy one in the style of daily celebrity crossword.” If you haven’t tried it yet, the Daily Celebrity Crossword is a fun, easy puzzle with a different pop culture focus each day of the week.

This week’s theme is women tennis stars, with four players featured:

  • [Tennis champion who won the 2008 French Open] ANA IVANOVIC
  • [Tennis champion who won the 2014 French Open] MARIA SHARAPOVA
  • [Tennis champion who won the 1992 French Open] MONICA SELES
  • [Serena who’s stunted on all three of this puzzle’s theme entries, and everyone else also] WILLIAMS

As I say most week, sporps are not my thing, but I recognized each of serena-williams-trophy-french-openthese entries, and Serena Williams has been in the news so much recently because she’s ridiculously awesome. I’m guessing most people have seen her recent Sports Illustrated cover, so here’s an article about the 2016 Pirelli calendar, featuring Serena and other amazing women photographed without pretense.

The fill is lovely. The SE corner with its USA/GUS nod to “Psych” was great (I miss that show), and DOC McStuffins is a personal favorite. RAMI Malek was new to me, but thanks partly to my love of pho, the crossings were gettable. Finally, I love the nod to the movie “Concussion” starring Will Smith and ALEC Baldwin, because my coworker’s sister Jeanne Marie Laskas wrote the article that became the book that became the movie. Overall, this crossword is a fun, quick diversion from cleaning and worrying about Christmas stuff.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday season, whatever you do or don’t celebrate!

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  1. good puzz. now i get why my time was much more in line with the dcc puzzles.


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