BuzzFeed Crossword – Tuesday 22 December 2015

THAT’S WHERE I WANT TO BE!” by Jacob Stulberg

Time to break out your sun dress, it’s the first day of winter! Make yourself a MAI TAI, flop into a beach chair and solve this puzzle!

Tue 12 22

That’s Where I Want To Be!

Constructor: Jacob Stulberg

Theme: Phrases that begin with things that complete the movie title “Beverly Hills ___”.

  • 20A: NINJA TURTLES – Anthropomorphic superhero team named after Renaissance painters
  • 28A: CHIHUAHUA CITY – Capital of a state with the same name
  • 45A: COP AN ATTITUDE – Say “Do you know who I am?” after being called out for cutting in line, e.g.
  • 52A: BEVERLY HILLS – Where you might find the starts of 20-, 28-, and 45-Across

Lena: So a COP, a NINJA, and a CHIHUAHUA walk into… BEVERLY HILLS? I came to understand the theme only because I know “Beverly Hills Cop” but I’m afraid that I don’t know anything about the rest of these BEVERLY HILLS movies. I was like “isn’t there one about a zip code?” <googling> Oof, nevermind, I’m completely secure in– proud of, even– my ignorance.

Michael: Hard as hell for me. Or … maybe not hard, but definitely a workout. I kept needing, like, every cross to get stuff (MEGAN, PLAYER, ARETHA). Also, there’s a “Beverly Hills Ninja”?

Ben: I’d heard of all these movies, but hadn’t seen any. Had to go down to the revealer and circle back around for everything except NINJA TURTLES. Suits me — the average difficulty of these puzzles has been pretty low anyway.

Lena: So this was basically just a l’il ol’ themeless for me and, while the grid isn’t much to look at, I get a few serious laughs from the clues. First, ET TU (9D: “Brutus you bitch!!!!”) (Michael: seconded). Second, SINE (34A: ___ wave (music genre that’s just you hit[ting] a tuning fork). I’ve been needing some good low-impact laughs, and these little guys hit the spot.

Ben: Both good answers. Also enjoyed 59A: Object of some frantic searches at coffee shops for OUTLET (I originally wanted SCONES) and 60D: Solution used by people who are really basic? for LYE.

Lena:  HUH? (42A: Answer that probably won’t earn you any points on a game show unless the prompt is “This one-syllable sound usually indicates someone doesn’t know what you’re talking about.”) is a good BuzzChucklesome clue and 44A: Do nothing… or do something and say you’re doing nothing (LIE) is funny *and* brilliant!

Ben: There isn’t really much of note here other than the strong cluing — it’s a straightforward theme and a clean but simple fill. Maybe I’m just in the mood for immaturity, but 41D: Where you might put your balls before hitting your balls as hard as you can really made me laugh when I realised that TEES was the answer.

Lena: Confession: I have jokingly referred to my breasts and the breasts of others and the breastal areas of men as [Breasticles] (22A); to me it’s just silly, it’s a portmanteau of body sacs. I have NOT, however, called breasts/chests TATAS— that just sounds creepy. I imagine a grown man in a giant diaper saying it. Then I imagine me punching him.

Michael: Why would you DEVALUE breasts by linking them to scroti? Why? Horrible. Never heard “breasticles” til just now and my life is the poorer for it.

Lena: Don’t devalue scroti, Michael. You know those really ugly pets you feel bad for? It’s like that. I feel bad for balls. When people are like “you have to have some serious balls to do that” I’m like, yeah, because I wouldn’t care whether I lived or died if I was toting those sad sacs around too. *Everyone* knows breasts are the tits (see, things that are awesome are referred to as “the tits”) so maybe you should look at it as giving some VALUE to balls by linking them to breasts!

Ben: Days Without a Male Genitalia Reference – 0.

  1. Bob Dively said:

    Massive DNF for me. I made it maybe about 50% through before I just gave up. Way too much youthful cluing for me (not saying that it was bad, just that I couldn’t hang). I eventually got BEVERLY HILLS from the crosses but couldn’t figure out what the theme was supposed to be – streets in Beverly Hills? Didn’t help that I’ve never heard of “Beverly Hills Ninja” or “Beverly Hills Chihuahua”. I also bonked terribly on the a-state-is-only-American mistake and was baffled by 28A: Capital of a state with the same name. I had A CITY from the crosses so I kept trying to stretch OKLAHOMA CITY to fit.

    Props for the cluing of IAN (33A: Kinsler of the Tigers). Always enjoy seeing my baseball team. SMELLY? (11D: Like your butt). Well, SHAPELY doesn’t fit, but speak for yourself. Someone should do one of those pop vs soda maps for ICE TEA vs iced tea.


  2. I hadn’t heard of any of these films. Didn’t seem to matter. Surprised no one mentioned that the clue for 2D contained the answer to 2D.


    • Joe Pancake said:

      I think that’s a BuzzFeed gag. If I’m not mistaken we’ve seen answers in the clues before.


      • rabonour said:

        Yeah, they’ve done that gag before. I think it’s meant as a way to justify crosswordese (not that ERA) is particularly bad), but it comes off as not trusting the audience, which has been an issue with PuzzFeed in the past.


      • Bob Dively said:

        I’m okay with the answer-in-the-clue thing on several levels: 1) the Puzzfeed is to some extent about gently breaking some crossword rules; 2) breaking the no answers in clues rule is a nice little misdirection that makes solving some stale crosswordese just a little bit harder and maybe a little bit more amusing; 3) it’s an ironic meta-acknowledgement that, yes, this is some stale crosswordese. I don’t find it disdainful of the audience, but rather playful.


  3. zzedzed said:

    I’m thinking Chris Farley was in one of these. They all sorta ring a bell. Well, a muffled chime, maybe.


  4. rabonour said:

    Not a lot to say about this one, except that SINE wave cracked me up and ALES didn’t. I’m tired of seeing ALE in crosswords. It appears as a synonym for beer because it’s useful in a grid, but as a beer nerd it just annoys me. Maybe at one point ALE was synonymous with beer, but not anymore – no one goes up to a bar and says “I’d like one ale, please.” ALE is a technical term, and if we’re speaking technically most of the beers flowing in a frat house are probably lagers.

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