BuzzFeed Crossword – Wednesday 9 December 2015

FUCKED UP” by Andrew Ries

Stagger over to your puzzle interface and solve it, if you can focus your eyes…

Wed 12 9

Fucked Up

Constructor: Andrew J. Ries

Theme: Common phrases reinterpreted as impaired celebrities.

  • 17A: HIGH CHURCH – Fucked up “Sideways” co-star?
  • 27A: SLOPPY JOE – Fucked up member of the Jonas Brothers?
  • 36A: POTTED PLANT – Fucked up Led Zeppelin frontman?
  • 47A: LIT MAJORS – Fucked up star of “The Six Million Dollar Man”?
  • 56A: LOADED DICE – Fucked up “No Apologies” comedian?

Ben: Right — Wednesday first. This is fine. I’m not wild about having four synonyms for “drunk” along with HIGH, but I guess “fucked up” is broad enough to cover both.

Lena: POTTED? Okay… If you’re British, I guess. Urban dictionary also ties it to the smoking of marijuana, but that’s just ridiculous; it’s like one of those completely made-up crossword verbs– “I POTTED last night and got so HIGH.” Would have been nice to keep it all drunk slang, I agree with Ben. Buuut I’m trying to think of a 4th one that works with another word to make a Real Thing and I can’t rn.

Ben: I do like some of the longer fill here, GOOD JOB, TEAM! being the highlight. MIAS / NERO / ASST in the SW is kind of a dull corner, but it does facilitate the longer stuff. Scrabbly grid, too — two X’s, two J’s, a V. Always nice to see if it’s executed cleanly, and this certainly is.

Lena: I’m starting to sound like cliche of myself/an alcoholic here, but AIRPORT BARS (26D: Places to get buzzed before getting high?) was the highlight for me. I once had a 10 hour layover at LAX and there was one shitty bar in my terminal; people felt so bad for me that three separate folks bought me a glass of wine– they were unprofessionally large pours, too. By the end I was so SLOPPY, LIT, LOADED, etc., that I tried to bribe the bartender with a piece of Toblerone to let me go outside and have a cigarette. Didn’t work. Then I passed out in the gate and don’t remember boarding the plane. Pro-tip: never be in LAX.

Ben: Played a little hard for me because I only knew 2 of the 5 names in the themers. Not a big Led Zeppelin fan, I’m afraid.

Lena: I only knew Robert PLANT, so I relied on the whole phrases instead– so it’s a good thing they were Real Things.

Ben: My favourite clue is 40A: Every kind of dumb hunky surfer boyfriend of the lead character from the early 2000s, I feel like for CHAD, which I initially thought was grammatically incorrect, but on reflection it appears to track. Also really like DAISIES being clued as 39D: Flowers with blinking green lights at the ends of all their docks (my kids just finished studying The Great Gatsby).

Lena: Re: grammar, what’s up with (31A: Sandwiches I like to add A too (any A)) (BLTS)? Seems pretty messy like, say a BLAT with… Applesauce? Agar? Ape?

Ben: Solid but not sensational. The END.

  1. glasser said:

    Avocado is pretty common in California.


    • Lena Webb said:

      Yeah, I knew the intended A– I was thinking about what the any other A’s could be!


  2. rabonour said:

    39D was a stumper. Puzzfeed is doing a lot of these mashup entries, and that one didn’t make any sense to me. AIRPORT BARS was my favorite, too. It took me until right this second to understand the clue on 6D, which is a little embarrassing.

    Tens of thousands of civilians were killed in the Second Boer War, so I can’t say I felt *great* about the jokey clue on 31A.


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