BuzzFeed Crossword – Thursday 10 December 2015

YOU WOULDN’T GET IT” by Sam Trabucco

Psst… Solve the puzzle

Thu 12 10

You Wouldn’t Get It

Constructor: Sam Trabucco

Theme: Theme answers conceal types of jokes.

  • 17A: TOP RANKING – Highest rated
  • 25A: ESCAPE ROUTE – Part of a prison-break plan
  • 38A: STEP UNCLE – Barbra Streisand’s brother to Josh Brolin, familially
  • 54A: DRINKING AGE – The U.S. has the highest of any Western country, thanks Obama!
  • 64A: INSIDE JOKE – Humor not meant for everyone… or, what you’ll find hidden in the answers to 17-, 25-, 38-, and 54-Across?

Ben: Speaking of Wednesdays, this seems a little easy for a Thursday puzzle. It took me longer than it should have, because I kept expecting a twist of some sort. It’s good as long as you’re willing to accept CAPER as a synonym for JOKE, which… eh.

Lena: This was easier for me than Wednesday, I think (although all the puzzles this week have been very straight-forward). I guess the hardest part of this puzzle was not being familiar with <French accent> STE PUNCLE— but now I have a new favorite Saint.

Ben: Great clue pairing for EERIE (14A: Like having dinner with robot replicas of your parents, probably) and SPOOKED (47D: Like you if you were having dinner with robot replicas of your parents, probably). The “probably” sells it for me — it’s like the puzzle is taking into account the possibility that it’s being solved by a mad scientist.

Ben: First aid quibble — CPR is clued as 23A: Blow job that could save your life, but it’s the compressions that are really doing most of the work, not the breaths. Some places have even stopped teaching the breaths as an unnecessary complication.

Lena: Fill quibbles — TSKS ETCS IPO ETS DYS… and, my favorite-least-favorite: STOA. My preferred running route takes me through/under a real live modern-day STOA, and I always acknowledge it… in my brain. I want to see SYNOD and STOA in the same BuzzFeed.

Ben: Some great clues today. Really like the one on DRINKING AGE, plus 9D: “OMG I need that puppy” for TOO CUTE! Also appreciate the shoutouts to SHEL Silverstein and “Straight Outta COMPTON”. And speaking of pop culture, Days Without a Harry Potter Reference: 8. I feel like we’re being softened up for an all-Harry Potter puzzle one of these days.

Lena: I liked ALTO’s clue (32A: Singer who’s not all about that bass) and HOT MESS (48D: Spectacularly chaotic person) for fill. And, yeah, I’m waiting for the HP hammer to fall hard.

Ben: Don’t understand the clue on IDK (65D: “___, my BFF Jill?”). That and the KIDZ BOP / ADRIANA pairing in the SW were hard for me — otherwise pretty straightforward.


  1. adamnicolle said:

    An alternative cluing option for STOA: [Go from ___ (work your way back from the 19th step?)]

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  2. Joe Pancake said:

    Loved the the theme-execution (all four span both parts of a two-word phrase), didn’t care for STOA, and hate-hate-hated ETCS. Plural abbreviations in which you don’t say each letter (like you do in,say, BFFs) are pretty much always bad fill, but, for me, they reach the point of banish-from-your-word-lists-and-do-not-use-ever status when the phrase they are abbreviating is never pluralized. If you can find me one organic use of et ceteras, let alone ETCs, I will be amazed.


  3. rabonour said:

    Excessive pluralization hurt this a lot for me – I counted 12 or 13, plus DYS and SUES. ETCS is worst, followed by TSKS, but I also don’t really like CLAPS with “Show of hands?”

    I did like the theme minus CAPER not being a joke. Otherwise, thought this was just fine.

    IDK, my BFF Jill? is from a Cingular commercial – it’s an old meme that I’m pretty sure we’ve seen in Puzzfeed before.

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