BuzzFeed Crossword – Monday 7 December 2015


Solve away! Don’t let us stop you!

Mon 12 7.png

Ladies and Gentlemen, Please Welcome to the Stage…

Constructor: Paolo Pasco

Theme: Common phrases ending in Taylor Swift song titles.

  • 17A: PAINT THE TOWN RED – Have a wild night out
  • 28A: GANGNAM STYLE – 2012 South Korean dance craze attempted by David Cameron, Barack Obama, and a flash mob of 20,000 in Paris
  • 44A: SEE WHAT I MEAN – “You feel me?”
  • 58A: YOUR PLACE OR MINE – “Which of our two residences should we bang at?”
  • 50D: SWIFT – Chop-chop (or… the last name responsible for the four one-word songs at the end of this puzzle’s longest answers)

Ben: Taylor Swift, fair enough. 1989 was the first album of hers that I liked, so none of these do a lot for me. But they’re colourful enough entries. I particularly like hiding STYLE within another song, GANGNAM STYLE.

Lena: I know close to nothing about Taylor Swift other than she’s super-popular and wears black eyeliner. I probably wouldn’t be able to identify one of her songs either… So yeah, this wasn’t a particularly exciting theme for me. Plus we’ve already had a Taylor Swift theme, but oh well.

Ben: I’ve mentioned my blind spot for NBA players before, so JEREMY LIN was a bit tough. Also, thanks to zzedzed in the comments for helping me out with some more modern NBA names on the Friday crossword. (I do read all the comments on the blog, but I rarely have a keyboard in front of me when I do, so I don’t respond much.)

Lena: I remembered “LINsanity” and it’s kind of one of those sports things that, even though I follow sports as closely as I follow Taylor Swift, made its way into my world.

Ben: NEVER NUDE is a strong entry — always love a good “Arrested Development” reference. In fact, there’s plenty of strong stuff here… SHEEPLE (42D: The masses, to that one guy on the street shouting about conspiracy theories), NOW KISS (9D: Joking comment made when two people are getting along really well)… that’s one thing these puzzles have done very well: strong long fill.

Lena: Agreed, I let loose many a chuckle solving this one. I really liked FLOSS (38A: Act ostentatiously, slangily) and AUDI (21A: I’m ___ 5,000” (“Goodbye,” in car-brand-name-placement-y slang), as both of those are things I say and get blank stares; BuzzFeed gets me…sometimes…! Oh yeah– I totally filled in SEMEN instead of STAIN for (14D: Sight on the sheets at a motel room you probably want to get a refund on) <shakes fist> BuzzFeeeeeeed!

Ben: I took a few minutes over the weekend to make a running list of constructors for the BZF puzzles so far, so I can tell you that Paolo Pasco is one of only two constructors with four puzzles to date (the other is Alex Eaton-Salners). Stay tuned for more pointless trivia!

Lena: Yes! Thanks for the stats– with Paolo fresh in my mind from Thursday I wondered what his tally was. His puzzles are truly a pleasure, and I have no doubts that he will ace his AP TESTS!

Ben: Best clue is on MFA (61D: Guy In Your ___ (fictional Twitter account with gems like “A Halloween story, but the only monster is mankind.”)

Lena: Hmmm… it’s tough to pick one. Ah– LATTE ART (39D: Pictures that disappear when you start drinking). MAGIC EYE fit, but nope! A very fun ah-ha.

Ben: Forgettable theme, clean grid, fun puzzle. Days Without a Harry Potter Reference – 5.

Lena: Maybe Hogwarts is already on winter break?

  1. Joe Pancake said:

    Fine puzzle, except for the fact (mentioned by Lena) that BF *just* ran a Taylor Swift puzzle a few weeks ago. Why run another one now? Why not wait? Are there so many Swift-themed puzzles in the pipeline that they need to run every few weeks to prevent backlog? Is Taylor Swift going to be irrelevant six-months or a year from now? I just don’t get the timing.


  2. rabonour said:

    Weird to run a second T Swift puzzle, but fortunately this one can basically stand on its own as an easy themeless. I liked all the themers quite a bit. Loved the meta clue for OBOE, though I might have saved that conceit for a more egregious piece of crosswordese. Don’t think I’ve ever heard that use of FLOSS.

    Not a ton to say about this one, except that it’s as clean, modern, and clever as I’ve come to expect from Pasco.


    • rabonour said:

      We definitely AP TEST when I was in school. Maybe a regional thing, or even just district to district.


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