Glutton for Pun #173 by Erik Agard


It’s time to make some NOIS about Erik’s latest crossword! Solve it here, then read on down below.



It’s time for another themed nugget of awesome from the Glutton for Pun. There’s a nice simple theme this week: three men who originated from Illinois and made their way to Washington, D.C.

  • 20a. [Politician who came from Illinois to D.C., where he’s been doing pretty well, IMO] BARACK H. OBAMA
  • 38a. [Basketball player who came from Illinois to D.C., where he did… eh… OK, I guess? It’s complicated] MICHAEL JORDAN
  • 53A. [Crossword constructor who came from Illinois (by way of Philly) to D.C., where he’s gonna do great] EVAN BIRNHOLZ

I wasn’t expecting President Obama’s middle initial, so I thought I was spelling Barack wrong, especially while I had SOCKHOLE instead of MOTHHOLE. I had no clue Michael Jordan had become president of basketball operations of the Washington Wizards in 2000, then played for them 2001-2003. (I hang my head in shame at my lack of sporps knowledge.) Then we have Evan, one of our own, whose first Sunday puzzle for the Washington Post drops December 6th! Apparently Evan was pleased to find his name in Erik’s grid, as shown by this totes adorbs Twitter lovefest:

tweetI love nerdy crosswordy love. ❤

Fill-wise, I will forgive ITIC. I’ve never heard of “graphitic” and I don’t use “bronchitic” even when discussing bronchitis, but there’s so much great stuff here that it(ic) doesn’t even matter. Love the discussion of “año (year)” vs. “ano (anus)” at 14a. [Word whose Spanish translation appears in mainstream crossword grids all the time, despite not even sort of passing the “breakfast test”]. [Tom cruise?] for a turkey TROT was delightful. Nostalgia got me a bit at the mention of PUERTO RICAN Roberto Clemente, as I played softball (horribly) for a few years at Philadelphia’s Clemente Park and Playground (I know there are a bunch of school and parks named after him, but this is the one I know. Also, Evan lives in Philly). The Latin-plural wordplay of [Word that looks like it should mean temper outbursts but actually means a religious text] for TANTRA tickled me. Lots of stuff gave me warm fuzzies in the puzzle, but now it’s time to head to an office holiday party, so I’ll leave you to discover the rest. Be sure to catch Evan’s WaPo debut this Sunday!

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  1. rabonour said:

    I mostly liked this, but the love for Evan only barely balances out BARACK H OBAMA, which I really dislike. I have never heard President Obama named with his middle initial. Beyond that the puzzle is filled and clued well, save for ITIC. Pretty easy, though that H and CASE (not BEST) Western slowed me down. I really liked the mix of classic and contemporary pop culture fill.


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