BuzzFeed Crossword – Friday 4 December 2015

THEMELESS 8″ by Damon J. Gulczynski

Solve, read, love (you know, like “Eat, Pray, Love”)

Fri 4

Themeless 8

Constructor: Damon J. Gulczynski

Theme: None

Lena: Oooo I can hear the Buzzfeedlets whimpering from here– I think this may be the most “mature” puzzle so far. Yes, I am calling a puzzle that has HOOBASTANK (7D: Band with the 2004 No. 2 hit “The Reason”) in it mature. You know what I mean though– not a lot of silly clues, not hyper-flashy long fill; it’s kind of a NERDSY puzzle, which is probably why I like it.

Michael: I’d like to RELEGATE D.G. to hell for reminding me that HOOBASTANK once existed. I’ve spent most of the last ten+ years in a Stankless eden. That era is now over.

Ben: I’ve heard the name, but I have literally no idea who HOOBA STANK are. God, does this make me a millenial? Anyway, really like the triple stacks in the corners, especially SWEEP THE LEG, AARON SORKIN (17A: Writer of the characters Mark Zuckerberg and Steve Jobs) and REALPOLITIK

Lena: STRIATED (34D: Groovy?) is great and reminds me of a Peter Gordon themeless clue. SUPER SOAKER (63A: Arm full of water) messed me up for a bit because I made a prefix prediction and wrote in SUB…

Ben: I didn’t know who DARLENE LOVE was, so I had trouble with that corner until I found SUPER SOAKER.Lena: Guys. I didn’t know MOSELLE (41D: Light white wine named for a river along the France-German border… [blah blah]). It was killing me– I thought “I’ve probably had gallons of whatever this is!” NOPE. I can’t remember ever having anything from the Côtes de Toul AOC. From MIND ERASERS to MOSELLE

Michael: I’d just read about “The Wolfpack” on … well, somewhere. Probably “The Internet.” And I noticed the director was a woman. But her name didn’t stick. Weirdly, the wine I’ve never had Did stick. Wait … how do you not know a wine type?

Lena: Oh yeah I forgot about the very mature clue for PEN (5D: The ___ 15 club (immature prank organization for my “PENIS” tattoo). I don’t know how an organization can be “for” a tattoo, so I find the wording here a bit awkward– I totally would have gotten that without the parens. Teacher Ben Johnston, do any of your students belong to the PEN15 club? (Michael: I advise you not to answer that)

Ben: Weirdly, the subject has never come up… also, as I mentioned on Twitter, my school e-mail has started displaying my name as “Teacher Ben Johnston” and it’s really weirding me out. Teacher isn’t really a title that works like that.

Michael: Prison org.?

Lena: I’ve never been a fan of “taken” being used to mean “in a relationship.” If I ever said “I’m taken” I would instantly feel like a chair. So NOT TAKEN (36D: Single and ready to mingle) is probably my least  favorite piece o’ fill.

Michael: I’m goin’ with LYIN’ EYES as my least favorite. I was really feelin’ this puzzle up to that point. I mean, DARLENE LOVE! So great. (Seriously, that whole SE is wonderful)

Ben: The LOW NOTE for me is AMARE (53A: NBA big man Stoudemire who dated Ciara)… I just don’t follow basketball, so any name less famous than KOBE BRYANT is going to be a mystery to me. I filled in that entry and was like, yep, that sure is 5 letters in a row.

Lena: I laughed at NEIN (44A: Paradoxical response to “Sprechen sie Deutsche?”) and FIXER-UPPER (29D: House you might buy to flip) is my favorite long answer. While this puzzle isn’t what I’d call a “breezy solve” I enjoyed the challenge and still managed to finish during my commute.

Michael: I enjoyed learning the alt-meaning of “coffin” and am going to use it All the time now … all the time I am around MEAT PIEs (a nostalgic favorite of my Kiwi-wife, or Kiwife™). I think NOT TAKEN should’ve been clued [Emphatic answer to “Which Liam Neeson movie is your favorite?”]. I was a little put off by the SOFT clue (28A: Sensitive and unaggressive, slangily) and the PEN15 tattoo for the bro-vibe they created, but then the undercutting of TYSON with “sex offender” and the double-weeping-whammy of “Me, Earl and the Dying Girl” clues made everything cool again.

Ben: Loved that SOB/WEPT repeat, and that would be a great clue for NOT TAKEN. I really enjoyed this puzzle — didn’t find it that hard, but there’s a lot of good stuff here. Great ELLEN quote (21A: “I like my coffee like I like my men… I don’t drink coffee” quipster). My favourite clue is for EROS, though — 4D: God often depicted shirtless and trying to shoot someone.

Michael: Nice clue-attempts at masking the stain and stench of ERI (10D: Fuka-___ (fictional author in Murakami’s masterpiece “1Q84”) and EKE (60A: “I’m sick and tired of having to ___ my way through life” (Lloyd’s lament to Harry in “Dumb and Dumber”)).

Ben: Is EKE bad? I think of it as a real word, even though I never hear it used. Anyway, fun puzzle. (Also: Days Without a Harry Potter Reference – 4. That’s got to be a record.)

    • Lena Webb said:

      So YOU’RE Joe Pancake.

      I really enjoyed your constructor notes! Nice work.


      • Joe Pancake said:

        Thanks! Hopefully I will have some more BF puzzles in the future.


  1. Kameron said:

    This is damn fine work.


    • Joe Pancake said:



  2. zzedzed said:

    Hey Ben – Kobe is officially last decade. LeBron James or, if you want to be truly modern, Steph Curry are the NBA names to know. AMARE not so much but he has good letters.

    Okay, Little bro of the NFL -> ELI? Not a clue here.


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