BuzzFeed Crossword – Friday 27 November 2015

THEMELESS 7” by Doug Peterson

Snap out of that stuffing stupor, solvers and solve this puzzle

Fri 11 27

Themeless 7

Theme: None

Constructor: Doug Peterson

Ben: A lot of the BuzzFeed themeless puzzles have been flashy in some way, with unusual layouts or meaty corner stacks. This one has some of that — one central 15, a pair triple 8’s and double 9’s — but it’s mostly just a solid, cleanly filled puzzle. Very pleasant solve for me.

Lena: I am such a puzzle slob! I really PIG IT when it comes to tidying up all my printed puzzles– even though I have a clipboard I jettison all the completed crosswords onto the table. So I’m pawing through a pile to find Doug’s– got it.

Lena: This is the first puzzle we did on our Stand-and-Solve “Big Grid!” Brayden and I have DESK JOBS (1A: Positions that are hard on the ass?) and also spend a bunch of time hunched over puzzles, leading to the condition known as “puzzbod.” So we solve like the big-leaguers– standing up final three-style. It’s the nerdiest thing I’ve been excited about in a while. Anyway, this puzzle didn’t have us on our feet for very long; it was definitely a fast, fun solve.

Ben: As a 15-letter entry, WEDDING REGISTRY is a little meh for me. But I do like the way it crosses BRO (35D: Privilege abuser, often) at the centre. Also, fair play: the BZF puzzles have been better with tone lately (though there are still some kinks).

Lena: Yes, I see that they resisted the urge to TEABAG us using the mild clue (19D: Sack filled with leaves)– it’s almost sullen-sounding like “fine we won’t.” I thought the clues in this one were great; lots of goodies. I particularly enjoyed (59A: It goes well with some bow ties and may stain others) for MARINARA and the coupling of BRATZ (50D: Dolls to buy for your daughter if Barbie just isn’t quite sexualized enough) and IMAGE (52A: Body ___ (perception skewed by 50-Down, maybe)).

Ben: Really like the clues on JOE PESCI (5D: Actor who if he asked me “Whattya mean I’m funny?” I would respond, “Like in ‘Home Alone’”) and MEL (19A: B or C of the Spice Girls). Oh, and IT’S (30A: Word that many people botch the apostrophe placement on). And PHONE TAG (62A: String of missed connections). I should stop before I list half the puzzle.

Ben: Plenty of material for you, Lena — STOLI (3D: Spirit of Russia) and RUM (56A: Dark ‘n’ Stormy ingredient). I still think you and Michael should drunk-blog one of these puzzles at some point.

Lena: Maybe I’m drunk-blogging right now! Nah, I gotta ease on down after these past few Days of Decadence here in ‘murica. We should have to make and drink the last 2 drinks that appeared in recent puzzles or something– I know there’s a sweet drinking game somewhere in here. Do you think we’ll be mean drunks or overly-affectionate drunks?

Ben: Favourite entry by a country mile is T-SWIZZLE (64A: Pop star’s rapper alter ego with the line “I’m like 8 foot 4 / Blonde hair to the floor”).

Ben: Days Without a Harry Potter Reference – 3. Is that a record? I feel like we should probably retire this bit if the counter gets to 5.

Lena: Yeah I think 5 is good. I mean, if they’re not going to put the work in… but in the meantime, everybody should watch Wizard People, Dear Reader dooo iiittttt

  1. erinium said:

    This was a wonderfully fun solve. Especially loved the clue for BRO.


  2. xworddoug said:

    I’m honored to have been the first puzzle on the Big Board. Cool!

    Hat tip to Caleb for the excellent JOE PESCI and BRATZ clues. Overall, I’d say the BuzzFeed cluing has settled into a nice groove lately.

    My original clue for 35A BUN was [Man ___ (really unfortunate hair trend)], which must have psychically inspired BEQ somehow.

    Liked by 1 person

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