Glutton for Pun #172 by Erik Agard


There may or may not be pie behind this link. Find out, then continue on.


If you’ve had your fill of turkey (or turducken, or tofurkey, or the food Canadians normally eat on a regular Thursday), it’s time to have your turkey of fill! Erik serves up a Thanksgiving-themed asymmetrical 11×11 for the holiday. The center of the grid displays a big “TY” to both show his gratitude and flank the strange-as-hell URKE clued as [Fool] running down the middle. I admit I googled it because I had never heard of it, and only found one Urban Dictionary entry that made no sense because it didn’t mean “fool,” until I realized the T and Y turned URKE into TURKEY.

The stuffing of this crossword had lots of savory bits. I didn’t know ROME, GEORGIA was built on seven hills like Rome, Italy was; it’s a nice morsel of trivia. All the long entries save TONY DORSETT are common words/phrases I can’t recall seeing in a grid recently, and I was able to get Tony from crossings even though I know nothing about sporps. The GENDERFLUID flag was not something I knew either, but with a few letters in place I was able to figure it out. The flag is similar to the bisexual pride flag, but with two more stripes representing both the lack of gender and all genders. Here is a link to an article explaining a lot of different pride flags, if anyone is interested.


The only unsavory bits (in my mind, the onions) are clued cleverly, so I did not mind them. There’s 22a. [Time off, for short, if you hate ampersands] cluing RNR, and 25a. [People who wanted to go by a shortened version of their name and thought “Colm” or “Lory” would be too weird] for MALS. Overall, a fun postprandial solve to burn mental calories after the American pastime of eating way too much and regretting it later.

I hope everyone has much to be thankful for today. Besides the usual, I am thankful to have wonderful puzzles by Erik and our other indie constructors and the chance to write about them with my awesome co-bloggers. Finally, Happy Birthday to Michael Sharp! I hope you’ve had enough pie today.



  1. totally missed the T-URKE-Y bit. that’s much better than URKE by itself.


  2. danfeyer said:

    Perfect aha moment with URKE at the end! And one of my best friends is from ROME, GEORGIA, so I sent her a screencap.
    Many thanks to Erik and all his constructorial colleagues, and Erin/Michael/Lena/Ben and all the bloggers!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Urkel said:

    Considering all the obscure and inside terms crammed into puzzles (especially indies) why would anyone give more than a seconds notice to “urke.” And who looks at a grid as a whole?


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