BuzzFeed Crossword – Monday 23 November 2016


You’ve made it this far, now you just need to solve the puzzle

Mon 11 23

“Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing”

Constructor: Neville Fogarty

Theme: South Park characters begin each theme answer.

  • 18A: ERIC CARLE – Author/illustrator of “The Very Quiet Cricket” and “The Very Hungry Caterpillar”
  • 28A: KYLE CHANDLER – He won an Emmy for playing Coach Eric Taylor on “Friday Night Lights”
  • 38A: STAN LEE – Comic book genius who has a cameo in every Marvel movie, so is probably very busy
  • 48A: KENNY CHESNEY – “She Thinks My Tractor’s Sexy” country music star
  • 61A: SOUTH PARK – Long-running satirical animated TV show whose 4 main characters can be found in the long answers in this puzzle… Oh my god, they killed 48-Across!

Lena: A sedate start to the BuzzWeek here; yup those are the South Park kids!

Michael: Yeah, not really feeling this one. Those are people’s names. Those are also the names of the “SOUTH PARK” kids … and … that’s it. Maybe there’s something we’re missing.

Lena: I smiled at several of the clues– (58A: [Reduce a yard by inches, maybe?]) for MOW, and (36D: [Website where you could buy a handmade replica Jumanji game.. but would you really want to risk it?]) for ETSY. I also appreciated the chance to floss my AGLET knowledge (1A: [The bit of plastic at the end of your shoelace because yes, it has a name]).

Lena: I groaned at GOUDA (54D: [Dutch cheese that’s really goud])– I definitely wouldn’t have gotten that without almost the entire answer in the clue!

Michael: Loved it. So stupid, it made me laugh. Thumbs up.

Lena: (67A: [“Sesame Street roomie with no eyebrow at all])? I didn’t know that ERNIE doesn’t have any eyebrow(s); that’s my kind of trivia right there.

Michael: Theme’s not much, but the fill’s OK. I don’t think I’ve ever heard a note from LILY ALLEN. I’m not sure she exists. But I know the name somehow. I know ADNAN much better—that’s very current; and such a clever clue (24A: Potential “Serial” killer Syed). Not a serial killer, but a “Serial” killer. Yes. Good one. And in the Interesting Short Fill category, I enjoyed “OK, BUT …” (44D: “Yeah, although…”).

Lena: I agree on the fill– quite clean indeed. But it looks like we’ve got a plural mismatch in 55A: [Only instrument for bands performing in heaven], HARPS. I think I would have enjoyed the theme more if the actual people referenced in the themers were more recognizable to me. I only know ERIC CARLE.

Michael: I wish ABBA (1D: Band whose music was the basis for “Mamma Mia!”) had been clued via “The Winner Takes It All,” which is the greatest ABBA song, just ahead of “Dancing Queen.” I can tell you that Neville (today’s constructor) is a big fan of (the creepy) “Does Your Mother Know,” and will defend it to the death. Neville Fogarty: Wrong on ABBA, Wrong for America.

  1. xworddoug said:

    Too bad Neville couldn’t find room for a bonus answer: BUTTERS ONE’S TOAST.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Joe Pancake said:

    This one was the “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” of puzzles. Nice to look at, nothing wrong with it, but far too straightforward and simplistic to be interesting. I was expecting some sort of hook or redirection, but nope, just people’s names representing … people’s names. (And then caterpillar ate an apple, an then he ate a sausage, and then he ate a leaf, and then he ate some cake…)


  3. dang what world are you in that you’ve never heard of Kyle Chandler, Stan Lee, or Kenny Chesney?


  4. rabonour said:

    Yeah, this was fine. Theme did nothing for me, but there was nothing wrong with it. Just very basic. Fill was okay but largely saved by good cluing. Overall I don’t think it’s up to BuzzFeed’s standards, but I enjoyed it enough.


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