Monthly Archives: October 2015

hi! i’m e.a., and welcome to the first installment of BRINGIN UP OLD STUFF, where we’ll be reviewing indie puzzles that dropped before there was a cool blog around to cover them – a sort of pre-NGOTBian puzzle project, if you will.

i felt like i hadn’t solved a neville fogarty puzzle in a while, so i hopped in my time machine, set the dial for three years, and landed right on a contest puzzle. it’s called “Costume Party,” and it’s a halloween-themed puzzle from october 26, 2012. you can and should solve it here.

i wanted to match the conversational style of blogging that’s done so well by ben/lena/michael on the daily posts here, so i called on a friend: today, i’ll be chatting with erik agard, an indie puzzler whose work can be found at glutton for pun dot blogspot dot com. an edited transcript of our conversation follows.

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